Make the Most of Your Next Wine Tour

Make the Most of Your Next Wine Tour

Many of the wineries (including ours) open their doors to the public and there you have the chance to taste some of their best selling brands and some new products.  Going to a winery and seeing just how the wine is made is an enriching experience.  You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, try new wines and maybe grab a bottle or two to take home and enjoy with friends.  You can see and taste freshly prepared wines, but here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of your wine tour.

Make a Reservation

Napa Valley and the wineries here are some of the hottest tourist destinations in all of California and many wineries won’t just accept walk in traffic.  Prior reservations ensure that you get a warm reception, include the number of people in your party.  There are also organized tours that allow you to visit several different wineries on a tour, they ensure that you don’t have to drive and can enjoy the wines.

Dress Appropriately

You will be outside touring the vineyards where the grapes are growing and they are getting ready to move them into the wine making process.  Start with some comfortable shoes, put on some breathable clothing that is comfortable walking around in the sun.  Keep the heavy deodorants and perfumes to a minimum so that they don’t interfere with anyone’s ability to smell or taste the wine.

Learn How to Hold the Glass

Wine tours are going to offer you wine in big glasses with big stems, and the people holding the tour will show you how to properly hold a wine glass.  Wine tours often serve wine at room temperature and it needs to be aerated to get the best flavor.  If you hold the glass only by the stem you can swirl it to aerate it.  You have probably seen people do it.  Don’t hold it by the base or you can heat the wine and ruin the flavor.

Take Some Home With You

You’re going to be tasting wine all day and possible at more than on vineyard so you don’t need to buy 12 bottles of the first wine you like.  Unless you really like it.  Also keep in mind how you will be traveling back home and how they will be packed.  Most vineyards offer you the chance to make purchases online and have your favorite wines delivered right to your door.

A wine tasting tour is a ton of fun, grab a group of friends who love wine and book yourselves a tour through the Napa Valley wine country.  You won’t regret it!